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Table 1 Exon compostion of various high molecular weight TM isoforms with old & new nomenclature [15, 17, 19, 28, 29]

From: Expression of tropomyosin in relation to myofibrillogenesis in axolotl hearts

Nomenclature of various isoforms of TM referred to in this article TPM Gene encoding the Isoforms: New Nomenclature (Old Nomenclature) Various isoforms of TM currently known as Exon composition Nomenclature used in previous publications on axolotl
TPM1α TPM1(α–TM) Striated Muscle 1a,2b,3,4,5.6b,7,8,9a/b ATmC-1/α-Tm-1
TPM1β TPM1(α-TM) Smooth Muscle 1a,2a,3,4,5,6b,7,8,9d Sm α-Tm
TPM1γ TPM1(α-TM) TM-2Fibroblast 1a,2b,3,4,5,6b,7,8,9d  
TPM1δ TPM1(α-TM) TM-3Fibroblast 1a,2b,3,4,5,6a,7,8,9d  
TPM1ϵ TPM1(α-TM) TM-5aFibroblast 1b,3,4,5,6b,7,8,9d  
TPM1κ TPM1(α-TM) Novel Striated/Card 1a,2a,3,4,5,6b,7,8,9a/b ATmC-2/α-Tm-2
TPM2α TPM2(β-TM) Striated/Sk Muscle 1a,2b,3,4,5,6b,7,8,9a/b  
TPM3α TPM3(hTMnm) Sk.Muscle 1a,2b,3,4,5,6b,7,8,9a/b  
TPM4α TPM4(TM4) StrTM4 1a,2b,3,4.5,6b,7,8,9a/b ATmC-3/Str.TM-4